Fran and Thom's Excellent Venture

Squeeing Loud Enough to Wake the Dead

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Fandom community for the movie "Drake's Venture."

Frankly, the moderator formed this community to get the Drake's Venture fandom a home outside of B7 (and to give the other long-suffering B7ers a rest!) However, others are welcome to play (even if you're partial to Francis). Despite the fact that this is a fandom based on one movie almost 30 years old, there is a growing body of fics, icons and historical research in our archive. We have lots of silly, slashy fun - and we're also on a serious crusade to redeem the reputation of one Thomas Doughtie, known to us as the Puppie (for reasons which shall become apparent.) If you like penguins, eyelashes, and you don't mind the occasional boat, this is the place to be.

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Squee for the Puppie!!!!